what I have done so far


what I have done so far

what I have done so far...




UX design owner on multiple software solutions. I am responsible for the end to end user experience and future concepts.

My daily responsibilities vary from exploratory workshop moderations to specified deliveries. 

Part of a integrated agile team, I design software solutions from the ground up, collaborating with stakeholders, product owners, and developers.


Lead UI designer, Paris

Lead designer for the mobile web team, I worked on providing cross platform mobile web, and responsive solutions.

Deliveries included design patterns, guidelines, web applications, wireframes, animated prototypes, UI specifications and final graphic elements.


User interaction designer, Berlin

Within the OVI Maps department. I worked on web and mobile UI solutions for the recommendations engine.

These features were as diverse as geo-localised pushed notifications or criteria based recommendations. 

User interface designer, Boston & London 

As an interactive designer I conceptualised and created visual interfaces for new products, services, applications, and future concepts. 

I was also responsible for product visual customisation in the Europe region, working with all the main operators helping them expand their features and applications on Motorola products.

Lead visual designer, Boston

Designer at Fila.com, I developed user interfaces and graphic solutions for their online retail stores and promotional events.

Senior visual designer, Cambridge 

Developed creative user interface, visual concepts and on-line solutions for major websites.

you can get more information about me if you can to download my full curriculum vitae.